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logoWe Make Your Business Breathe

More about FB

At FB Marketing we provide smart and simple ways with creative that is compelling and break through. In our world, actions speak louder than words but an image is worth a thousand words!

Unusual is Unique

We are a fully-fledged Boutique Design Agency serving a wide spectrum of Creative and Media Services with strategists, designers and developers thrive to serve you best in.

Its all about details

Creativity alone is not enough, being miticulous and efficient is key to success, this is why we invest in brainy people and give all our projects the time needed to be achived in a particular way.

We Specialise in visual communication of new and existing brands through all aspects of our creative services.

We offer personalized creative designs dedicated to create, plan and handle your advertising and marketing requirements.

Our boutique agency is online and independant providing an outside point of view to the effort of selling the client’s products or services.


logoWe Make Your Business Breathe


Here are some of our valued clients/ partners, they trusted FB services to develop or improve their brand image, are you next?

logoWe Make Your Business Breathe

Unconventional advertising

We convey your key messages to a specific target audience in the most original and creative way:

‘Uniqueness’ is our motto.

We guide our clients to build up or maintain their brand image by using persuasive messages with efficient communication tools.


To be noticed, you must be different; We aim to provide you this difference through our work.

Stand up and shine!

logoWe Make Your Business Breathe


logoWe Make Your Business Breathe

Who is behind FB?

Biography of a creative business mind spirit.

Founded by Feyrouz Bouksani, an ambitious lady who graduated from one of the best advertising school worldwide based in Paris: L’école supérieure de Publicité (ESP), where she obtained her Bachelor of Advertising degree and International Marketing Diploma from the IAA (International Advertising Association) based in New York.

Since then, Feyrouz has worked in multinational ad agencies such as Publicis and Young & Rubicam Dubai, where she managed several international clients: Renault, Nokia, Colgate Palmolive, Harvey Nichols, Gulf News and many more.

She had the idea to create FB Marketing in 2010 in the vibrant city of Dubai; an unusual design boutique agency with a unique concept aiming to provide custom made creative solutions to client’s requirements.

Throughout her career Feyrouz handled a wide portfolio of brands and projects all in different fields and worked in a very competitive \ and challenging area, where she had to adapt her expertise & skills very fast.

logoWe Make Your Business Breathe


Born Artsy, imaginative and creative Feyrouz decided to diversify her career path and challenge herself once more in 2013, when she joined Givaudan the leading fragrance house worldwide as a Marketing Manager and Graphic Designer, Feyrouz was the only person in the company having two roles at once, this is when she discovered her hidden talents and passion for perfumes and specialized herself in this category.

Today she found a way to combine both Scents and Design together and works as a Creative Director at FB Marketing and as a consultant Marketing/Design Manager for Perfume houses, where she offers innovative perfume concepts & design solutions to her esteemed clients.

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    FB Marketing

    logoWe Make Your Business Breathe

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    logoWe Make Your Business Breathe

    we offer a unique approach to collaboration with our clients,
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